Monday, July 19, 2010

The ACLU Loses Its Mind

St. Louis Today reports on this fascinating decision by the ACLU. It's a fascinating decision because they have the right idea about so much, I don't know what they're thinking in this case.

The American Civil Liberties Union is petitioning a court to help an 85-year-old man get his guns back from Florida's Broward Sheriff's Office.

For what may be the first time, the ACLU says, it is advocating on behalf of a gun owner to get his weapons back. And they're doing so free of charge.

That the ACLU, a longtime target of conservatives' scorn, is supporting gun ownership is "a breath of fresh air," said Marion P. Hammer, board member of the National Rifle Association.

Most people have understood all along that the ACLU does not pick and choose, that they defend all rights. I never thought they needed to prove anything, least of all to the NRA, but the strangest thing is their choice of this case. An elderly man, who recently lost his wife and expressed suicidal desires, should not have guns. The sheriff's department did the right thing and should stick with it. Further proving his unfitness, he said, "They'd been in the drawer over 20 years. They were loaded."

This may very well apply to the majority of gun owners, those who have loaded guns in the closet or in the drawer for years without practicing with them or even cleaning them periodically. These are the guns that end up getting misused. When a gun owner like that displays evidence of no longer being fit to responsibly maintain the guns, he should forfeit then.

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  1. Not practiicing with and cleaning guns should be a crime?

    That's quite a extreme reading of the Second Amendment. Quite beyond original intent, early drafts said a person should not be compelled to bear arms.

  2. You know times are changing when the leftiest of left wing sock puppets defends the 2nd Amendment.

    Just one more of the many needed nails in the coffin of the gun control movement.

  3. Why is this aanything which should come as a surprise?

    I personally will use these decisions to ensure that criminals are well armed.

    Additionally, I can see additional challenges to criminal process since the right to grand jury indictment hasn't been "incorporated".

    If you have a right to a firearm, then you have a right to a grand jury indictment.

    Let's just make the criminal justice process more expensive and clogged up.


  4. Actually, each chapter of the ACLU has authority to pursue what they wish.

    In this case, they are clearly wrong however.

  5. Right, Jade, because advocating for enumerated, incorperated rights is against their MO.

  6. The reason they're wrong for taking this case is because elderly suicidal men with rusty guns in the closet should not be armed.