Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Man Defends Parent's Home; Kills Nine Home Invaders

A St.Paul man used a shotgun to kill nine would-be home invaders. But another twelve invaders escaped by fleeing in what is believed to be a late-model red Smart Car.
Well, not really:
The man who police say fired several shots in his mother's Roberts, Wis., home while hallucinating a clown attack pleaded not guilty Monday to felony charges.


  1. I think that the article can be found here:

    It's wonderful that people such as this can have access to firearms. That's the reason the founders waxed so eloquent about the "right to keep and bear arms".

    They knew what havoc writing such an opaque comment would cause in two centuries as people dumbed down.

    They wanted people like this to have a "right" to own deadly weapons.

    I can't wait until the Supreme Court allows us a personal right to nuclear weapons.


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  3. Ok, but let's agree that if a dozen clowns really did attack your home and it wasn't just an adventure in recreational pharmaceuticals, that it would be okay to react with deadly force because clowns are...well...they are clowns [shudder]