Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Triple Murder in St. Paul MN

TwinCities.com reports on the terrible family shooting.

Police on Sunday identified three victims fatally shot Friday at a home in St. Paul's Highland Park neighborhood.

Patrick Thomas McHugh, 55, of St. Paul, is suspected of shooting and killing his sister Mary Malicki, 58; her daughter, Kristy Malicki, 33; and his sister's husband, Clyde Malicki, 58, according to St. Paul police.

A fourth gunshot victim, Kathleen Dorgan, 56, who is also McHugh's sister, remained in stable condition Sunday night at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. All of the victims are from Cottage Grove.

McHugh is in custody at the Ramsey County jail. Authorities expect he will face criminal charges today.

The shooting happened at about 9 p.m. Friday at McHugh's house, 1825 Munster Ave. in St. Paul, where he lives with his 80-year-old mother, Kathleen McHugh. She was home at the time, but she wasn't injured in the assault.

The caller who reported the shooting to police gave Patrick McHugh's name and description.

When police arrived, they found four gunshot victims inside the house. Mary and Kristy Malicki were dead at the scene. Paramedics transported the two other victims to Regions, where Clyde Malicki died Saturday.

The neighbors all thought they were wonderful people. Never, in a million years, would they have expected something like this.

The problem: easy access to guns, their proliferation and acceptance in society. Without all that, Mr. McHugh, who lived at home with his mother his entire life and probably had no need of a gun, might not have had one. In that case the attack probably would not have been so deadly.

The solution: fewer guns.

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  1. "Without all that, Mr. McHugh, who lived at home with his mother his entire life and probably had no need of a gun..."

    The problem is a need has nothing to do with a right.

  2. MikeB: “The solution: fewer guns.”

    You should support people being allowed to share a gun then.

  3. AztecRed said, "The problem is a need has nothing to do with a right."

    Well, that's certainly true, but when the country gets around to reexamining our interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, it won't matter.

  4. I am related to the deceased family you are referring to. The issue is not the gun. It was simply the chosen tool to satisfy his selfish rage. If it hadn't been a gun, it would have been something else. People who commit murder obviously don't care if they break the law and you'll never rid the earth of guns. Therefore, if guns were illegal, the only people who would have guns would be criminals and the law abiding citizens would be defenseless just as this poor family was. If you try to rid the country of guns - you will see much more of these horrific crimes. Bottom line - some people are determined to be a*^holes and they will always find a way to carry out their deed, regardless of the thousands of laws on the books that state it's illegal. Think about it, if someone is wanting to shoot someone else do you think they'll have the thought "hmmm I can't use a gun, that would be illegal"!

  5. I'm sorry about your relatives who lost their lives.

  6. Furthermore, we've had a lot of truly helpless people attacked here by bat weilding young men who only have the goal of beating people to death. Leaving their victims a pile of mush on the sidewalk. I haven't seen any legislature attempting to outlaw bats...although I wouldn't be surprised. Then I'd have to make the argument that many convenience stores keep a bat behind the counter and successfully defend themselves. The issue behind much of the violence is the current culture where we are fostering and even financially rewarding people to not have jobs and be thugs. We need to take a long hard look at how our country/society has changed and what little changes over the years have nurtured this senseless, cold violence to increase.

  7. Me too. It's a tragic end to the lives of three wonderful people.