Tuesday, July 20, 2010

San Jose Knife-Gun Attack

Mercury News reports on the violent scene.

The San Jose man who is suspected of stabbing one woman, shooting another to death and then waiting for the police to come arrest him, was arraigned Friday on murder and attempted murder charges.

Robert Turner, 61, who is being held without bail, faces life in prison if convicted.

According to police, witnesses and court documents, Turner was in an argument with the two women when he stabbed Lucy Ferscas, 48, with a hunting knife. Then, he shot and fatally wounded Verna Lisa Hollins, also 48, who may have been trying to help Ferscas.

I suppose the gun apologists will say he didn't really want to kill the first woman. What I say is this case perfectly illustrates the difference in lethality between a hunting knife and a gun.

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  1. I wouldn't say that he didn't want to kill the first woman. I'd say he did a bad job of it.

  2. http://www.weerdworld.com/category/gun-death/

    Covers this well.

  3. Dear Weer'd, who banned me from your blog and told many lies about me and swore never to come here again on moral grounds, you're very welcome to leave links back to your site. But, please give us a little teaser at least.