Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jon Stewart and Dick Armey

Exclusive - Dick Armey Extended Interview Pt. 1
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  1. Dick Armey is so full of shit. We wouldn't have to keep a large centralized government that we do, if old white dudes like him, weren't so intent on ignoring the Constitution except when dealing with White Christian English Speaking Males. If we all minded our own "damned" business in his Division of Labor masturbatory fantasy, the Corporate Powers, that are already using our Public Servants as Finger Puppets would run over each and every one of us Roughshod. Just look at how the Executive Branch and the Military Industrial Complex is covering for BP in the Gulf as proof of what happens when *small people mind their own business. Dick Armey is also a big offender in terms of Revolving Door Politics. He isn't only selling his book and his teabagger ideology, but he is also promoting the circumstances that perpetuate ideal scenarios that make it possible for him to fleece, WE the people coming and going. As both a politician and a Lobbyist.

    If TeaBaggers were really concerned about the things they promote in their questionable agenda, they would have been all over the National Sovereignty Issues raised by BP using Foreign Owned Security Guards as a means to help our Own Government Skirt Posse Comitatus. Using foreign Security Forces to obstruct our Free Press, and to deprive American Citizens of their Civil Rights {read First Freedoms} for both a political and a corporate agenda.


    What they are selling for Dick Armey, and what is promoting is simply less oversight so he can steal everything in this country that ain't nailed down.

  2. Thanks Seeing Eye Chick for that perfect run down. I'm with ya 100%.