Monday, August 16, 2010

More Arizona Lunacy

The campaign advisers of Pamela Gorman must have figured that nothing is more important than guns to their constituents.


  1. Didn't you already attempt to smear her?

    Oh, that was Jadefool, never mind.

  2. Yes, Jadegold already picked up on this one. But, "to smear her?" I don't think so.

    I can see how you'd get defensive though. It is an embarrassing ad.

  3. Defensive? HA!

    You are right, the ad is a little embarrassing. Her "gun control" needs a little work, because he muzzle climb at the 20 second mark is all over the place.

    And the voice-over guy, with his lounge singer voice is a little over the top.

    But, given the choice between her and pretty much anybody that you'd choose, I'd vote for her.