Friday, August 20, 2010

Probable Murder-Suicide in Wisconsin - 3 Dead

UPI reports on the tragedy.

Three people were found shot to death Wednesday at a home in Superior, Wis., police said.

Authorities declined to identify the victims or say whether one of the deaths was a suicide. However, they said they were not looking for a suspect.

The scattered facts in the article don't add up to a pretty picture. The man of the house recently returned from the war, his young wife was pregnant and there was a small child there.

SOS, you could say. So what's the answer, more gun availability in Wisconsin? That's what some people want.

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  1. He was a CCW holder, an NRA member and a racist. Mark Jades words.

  2. Yeah, it had to be the gun. Because, you know, when he was in the military, he didn't have access to anything like guns or grenades or dangerous weapons.

  3. Today I read a follow-up about this guy. It seems he ripped some people off on the internet. After his National Guard stint overseas he claimed to have had PTSD yet became a firearms instructor. He was obsessed with guns. In other words, he was one of your normal gun owners, until he killed his family that is.