Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a Bunch of Criminals

The Philadelphia Inquirer published an editorial about the Pennsylvania gun-law loophole.

State lawmakers should close a gun-law loophole that allows someone who was denied a Pennsylvania license to still carry a weapon if he has a permit from another state.

State Rep. Bryan Lentz (D., Delaware) introduced a bill in May that would close a loophole that allows Pennsylvanians to circumvent state law. Denied a concealed-carry license in Pennsylvania, they are turning to Florida, Utah, and New Hampshire. Those states allow out-of-state residents to apply for a license by mail.

Florida has issued 3,100 concealed-carry licenses to Pennsylvanians, but state officials there will not provide Pennsylvania officials with their names. That's incredibly dangerous. Some of the Florida gun-license holders were likely denied licenses in Pennsylvania for good reason.

Tell me again there's no gray area between the law-abiding and the criminals.

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  1. > > Some... holders likely denied for good reason.

    Pure speculation. More likely PA permit holders obtained the out-of state permits for expanded reciprocity when traveling.

    Can the Inquirer or Rep. Lentz name a single PA resident who was denied a PA permit and committed a firearm-enabled crime while carrying an out of state permit?

    And if so, how much of a difference would charging that resident with carrying concealed make in sentencing?

  2. Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell has already pointed this out numerous times. As anti-gun people, we need to take the information the pro-gunners give us and lobby against it.

    Also, be aware that most elected leaders hate getting lobby letters from people outside their district. If you are going to encourage people to write, make sure it is people that are within the elected person's area.

  3. Of course there is another "loophole". You really should check on the definition of a loophole sometime.

    Criminals that are denied a license in Pennsylvania cannot qualify for a Florida or Utah license.

    This is another one of those anti-freedom loon's lies like "Tiahrt doesn't let leo's trace crime guns.

  4. What evidence is there that they were denied a LTCH in PA?

    The editorial says it was likely that some were denied, but it offers no evidence that ANY were denied permits.

    So, PA should close a "loophole" because no one definitively went and got a permit in another state because they weren't denied one in PA?

    You're funny, man.

  5. OK, Let's have a hypothetical situation:

    A guy with a middle eastern names is arrested on the road next to Philadelphia International Airport with a jammed AK-47 in a traffic stop. Prior to this incident he had applied for and received a Pennsylvania Permit to carry.

    We'll assume an innocent explanation for the above situation.

    But, his permit to carry is revoked by Philadelphia.

    Person in Question (PIQ) feels a need for a permit to carry and applies in an adjoining county, where is is not a resident. Realising that was illegal, he turns in this permit to carry.

    PIQ learns that he can acquire a non-resident permit to carry in Florida despite having a revoked Philadelphia permit.

    PIQ is again arrested in Philadelphia for having a firearm with out a permit to carry, despite his Florida non-resident permit.

    I cannot name this person since he was my client.

    But I can say that this was the incident that brought this to the attention of Seth Williams.


  6. Okay, let's hypothesize.

    PIQ lives in Philadelphia, a city which is currently the only "first class" city in PA, or whatever they call it. As such, they feel that they are "above the law" when it comes to issuing, denying, and revoking LTCH. They are the only city in PA that I am aware of trying to add extra hoops for potential license holders to jump through when applying for said license.

    Therefore, I am skeptical as to why Philadelphia felt the need to deny this man his license, because they view gun owners with great suspicion, warranted or not.

    I also am skeptical as to whether his denial or revocation was due to him failing to comply with one of their "extra hoops."

    Were the charges of carrying without a license dropped, due to his Florida permit?

    Care to comment on this, hypothetically, of course?

  7. ... And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how Laci's owner single-handedly and hypothetically stopped a hypothetical jihadi extremist hypothetically armed by the NRA's terrorist loophole with a weapon hypothetically capable of shooting 600 rounds per minute from hijacking an airplane and hypothetically simultaneously crashing it into the White House.

    By closing this hypothetical loophole, Bryan Lentz (D, somewhere other than PA, FL, UT, and NH) will prevent this hypothetical situation from ever being possible again.

  8. All right, FWM, I finally looked it up.

    Loophole: An unintentional characteristic of a law which allows one to circumvent the law's intention without actually breaking that law. Often occurs in tax law.

    So? Are you objecting to my calling people who do this "a bunch of criminals?" Is that the problem?

  9. So? Are you objecting to my calling people who do this "a bunch of criminals?"

    Yes we object to that. You are a liar. They are not breaking the law.