Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ted Nugent - Law-abiding Gun Owner

Ted Nugent is in the news for having aired illegal hunting activities on his TV show.

On the show, Nugent is shown using a commercial deer bait called "C'mere Deer" to lure a young buck, then shooting the animal with a bow and arrow. Using bait to entice animals for hunting purposes is illegal in California.

Nugent also pleaded to failing to get his hunting tag countersigned, which means that while the killing of the deer itself may have been legal, Nugent did not receive a signature from an authorized individual to confirm the kill's legality. The other counts against Nugent were dropped as part of the plea agreement, including charges of killing a deer too young to be hunted.

Tell me again how there's no gray area between law-abiding gun owners and criminals.

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  1. Mike, we already know you resided in that gray area.

    Were youre offenses greater or lesser than Nugent's?

    John 8:7

  2. Lots of things are illegal in California that are perfectly legal most other places.

    He committed some minor misdemeanors and paid his fine. Not like these were serious crimes.

    Sorry, you'll have to do better than that to paint him as a criminal. You could just as easily reported that he was driving his Corvette too fast and had speeding tickets and a reckless op.

  3. crime and punishment in American like Italy, all depends on how much money you have and your political connections.

  4. Is this part of your plan to keep moving the line down the gray scale until you deny guns to people like Ted Nugent?

  5. Is Ted Nugent like John Lott: Did you miss his antics at avoiding the draft?

    Maybe you should remember John 8:7 when you campaign to trash someone's job.

  6. Not only was Nugent a draft dodger but he's also a child molester.

    Now, I know plenty of people who dodged the draft during the VN war...I really don't blame them except for those--like Teddy--who try to pretend they were always pro-war, pro-military.

    Teddy also makes a lot of noise about never doing drugs. This is also a sham; one of his first bands was the Amboy Dukes whose music was usually about drugs ("Journrey to the Center of the Mind"). It's odd that he'd headline a band that predominantly produced druggie music.

    Child molestation. It's pretty amazing that Ted's own kids, then in their mid-teens, admitted that dad often brought home girls who were younger than they were. In fact, he divorced his first wife, took up with a much younger girl---so young they couldn't get a marriage license.

    This is your NRA.

  7. About the gray area, I'm the one who's always insisted it exists. It's some of you pro-gun guys who go in for that black and white reading of things.

    Loud-mouthed pro-gun zealots like Ted Nugent would be the first to lose their right to own guns if not for the slanted system we have in place which favors gun owners.

    In fact I'll bet many gun rights activists would rejoice. Reasonable people on both sides of the debate think he's a whack-job who does more harm than good to his own cause.

  8. Guns, God and "C'mere, Deer"; the trifecta of REAL Patriotism.

  9. "Not only was Nugent a draft dodger but he's also a child molester."

    You mean like Brady Campaign darling Ted Kennedy? Oh. I forgot. He didn't molest anyone. He just killed a woman.

  10. "This is your NRA."

    And it must drive you absolutely ape-shit, Jade, because malign him as you might, you still can't get his guns.

  11. Guns, God and "C'mere, Deer"; the trifecta of REAL Patriotism.
    perhaps, vigilance, involvement,and knowledge would be my choices for patriotism.

  12. What did Ted do during the Vietnam war, anyway? I couldn't find anything on Google.

  13. He shit his pants and didn't shower for three days when he showed up for the draft, or so the story goes, so that they would refuse to take him, thinking he was numb above the neck.

    Now he's full on pro-military. Basically, he's a chicken-hawk, although I don't think the Motor City Madman would say it that way.