Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The 42 Commandments of Ancient Egypt

Nothing about guns in there, or is there?  Number 16 I dedicate to Zorro. And perhaps numbers 17 and 18 could be the commenting policy.

XVI. Thou shalt not use fiery words nor stir up any strife.


  1. The thing is--and you may have noticed this--I don't respond particularly well to people (or deities) claiming authority over me, or to being given "commandments."

    After some consideration, I think the most thoughtful response would be to cordially invite Ma'at to get stuffed.

  2. Cowards hide behind gods.

    Stupid cowards hide behind gods they don't believe in.

    Jadegold hides behind stupid cowards.

  3. Jade ought to take another look at number XVII. It is telling you not to lie.

    All of the anti-gunners should read XIII as well.