Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gun Shows and Obsession With Nazi Germany

Whenever you go to a gunshow, you're certain to find two things: guns and Nazi memorabilia.
Well, three things if you include fat white guys.

Now, gunloons will usually try to explain this in several ways. One way is to deny ever seeing Nazi memorabilia at a gun show. But even gunloon forums acknowledge Nazi memorabilia is omnipresent at gunshows.
Another gunloon explanation is to say gunshows sell beef jerky as well. But this doesn't really work; after all, jerky is a staple of hunting. Some gunloons will try to call the stuff 'militaria' as if changing the name will render the practice more palatable. Problem is, true collectors of 'militaria' aren't going to go to a gun show for their hobby. Similarly, numismatics don't go to computer shows for their coin collecting needs.

I have a theory. Gunloons are attracted to the Nazi-era for many of the same reasons a lot of German males in the 1930's were.


  1. I've seen Nazi memorabilia at about 1 out of 3 shows I attend these days. The truth is actually almost every show used to have some but you don't see it as much as you used to. I suspect the source is drying up after 60 years of collecting.

    Incidentally, you seem to have neglected the fact that you also used to see about the same amount of WW2 era Japanese collectibles as well. Both are always dwarfed, however, by the supply of WW2 era memorabilia at these shows from The United States and Great Britain. There is almost no Italian memorabilia to speak of though, never really has been. Maybe MikeB can ship some to us.

  2. Ooh--can I play?

    Fact: At some gun shows, there is sometimes Wermacht memorabilia (along with lots of other WWII memorabilia) available for sale. I'm sure it sells like hotcakes.

    Forcible Citizen Disarmament Lobbyist Conclusion #1: This constitutes compelling evidence that gun shows are hotbeds of pro-Nazi sentiment.

    Forcible Citizen Disarmament Lobbyist Conclusion #2: By virtue of Forcible Citizen Disarmament Lobbyist Conclusion #1, we have proven that most (all?) gun rights advocates are Neo-Nazis.

    That's the kind of "logic" by which I could "prove" that most (all?) Muslims support terrorism--well, except for the fact that I'm not an ignorant, bigoted, dipshit asshole.

  3. I had to start popping over here again when I heard Jade Gold was taking over the helm. As much of a mindless anti-gun shill as Mike B is, Jade Gold almost makes him look intelligent.

    In any case ... you might want to look up a few terms you used or at least consider taking a course in logic.

    "Omnipresent," for instance, means "everywhere at the same time," and generally refers to a supernatural being. The term you're probably looking for is "ubiquitous," which would fit without making it look like you were not a native speaker of English.

    But in any case ... I've never known a collector of militaria (and I have a serious collector as a close friend) who doesn't also like guns. Because here's the deal ... guns are a BIG part of militaria. If you've ever seen pictures of groups of soldiers (called an army, look that one up if you need to) they always have guns. And a key piece military history collectors collect are the guns soldiers carried. And gun shows are a really good place to get WWII guns. See how that ties in together?

    So while a numismatic may not go to a computer show for coin collecting, he might go to a show for a related topic (a wallet convention? I'm not sure there's anything relatively similar as gun shows to militaria collectors, but if there were s/he would go there).

    Gun people are interested in all things gun related, and you will also find communist military equipment and even civil war stuff -- the so called "militaria" is not limited to WWII, or at least not to a single side (there's always more WWII GI stuff than Nazi stuff, and if you've read any history you might know the US army actually fought and defeated the Nazis).

    And Jerky is a staple of hunting? Since when? A lot of hunters make jerky from part of their kill, but I've never known any that considered it a "staple" of hunting. LOL.

    Someday you should go to a gun show or go hunting or do SOMETHING besides typing vitriolic posts on your mom's computer all day.

    Oh ... and since you're back ... could you PLEASE do another post on how the Brady Campaign can win!? That stuff cracks me up!!!

  4. I've often suspected that the gunnutz are really bit actors in a vicarious 'movie' about the German SS. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Why else would they feel the 'need' to surround themselves with the same weaponry as those SS units?

  5. Mud:

    Why else would they feel the 'need' to surround themselves with the same weaponry as those SS units?

    None of the firearms I own are of models ever used by the Nazis, although there would be nothing to indicate Nazi sympathies if I did own any. I do own a Cz-52 and a Tokarev TT-33. Does that make me a closet commie?

    A friend of mine collects things like Arisaka Type 99 rifles. Does that mean he fantasizes about conquering much of Asia and the Pacific for the glory of Nippon (he's about as Japanese as Harry Truman)?

    Or maybe you're just full of shit?

    I think I have my answer.

  6. "Why else would they feel the 'need' to surround themselves with the same weaponry as those SS units?"

    Dunno, why do the unscrupulous antis feel the "need" to have a similar attitude towards honest people owning guns?

  7. One out of three, says FWM. I would imagine the sellers of that stuff just want to make a buck like anybody else. They know they'll find some at a gun show.

    I wonder how often FWM sees misogynist and racist material for sale at his gun shows. I suppose one could write off those stupid tits-and-ass bumper stickers or those posters with silly jokes about wives. But the sellers of the Turner Diaries are another thing altogether. Are they present in one out of three shows too?