Sunday, September 26, 2010

Springtime For Hitler and..Gunloonery

As I sagely noted previously, gunshows tend to attract those fascinated with guns, Cheetos ™ and SPF 9,000,000 sunblock, and all things Nazi.
Of course, this brought out the usual suspects in full goose-stepping glory. We had a claim that Japanese WWII stuff was equally present. But as I noted (very sagely) earlier, even gunloon forums are concerned with the image that all this Nazi material at gunshows conveys to the normal public. Having been to quite a few gunshows myself, I've never seen authentic WWII Japanese militaria on display or being sold. I have seen a few replica Japanese katana swords for sale but this can't even be considered WWII memorabilia.
Commenter Stephen claims all true collectors of militaria are into guns. Well, they're also into things like aircraft, ships, artillery pieces as well. And true militaria collectors are much more interested in the history--the tactics, strategies, blunders, missed opportunities and personalities. That's why true militaria shows or events are much more likely to be symposiums where military artifacts are sold and authors (usually historians or the occassional historical figure) lecture.
Stephen's explanation falls very short when one considers most of the Nazi memorabilia sold at gunshows aren't authentic--they're replicas. Further, we also know many gunshows attract those pushing white supremacist nonsense. Coincidence? I think not.


  1. "...sagely..."

    You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

    In fact, I know it doesn't, because you seem to think it means that you're so very wise, when in fact, you're dumber than a sack of shit and you continually prove it with posts like this.

    It's a good thing you're entertaining to us, Jade, or you'd serve absolutely no purpose at all.

  2. Wanted to translate for everyone ... when Jade Gold uses the term "sagely noted" you have to think to yourself "pulled out of my butt," because that is the closest work safe translation.

    And to correct his weird and misguided view of the world, military collectors love all aspects of historical military life. But for those who can't afford planes and tanks and artillery pieces (as in most all), guns are an affordable piece of history. The military collector I know, for instance, has an entire garage hanging with uniforms from both sides, flags from the war, etc. He has very few recreated items, but then I've never seen any recreations at gun shows. Other military collectors may have one vehicle of some sort (a jeep, most often) but unless you're rich that's about all you can maintain. But you can certainly maintain a safe full of military style historical firearms.

    In any case, the FACT is that there are very few Nazi historical items at gun shows these days, at least in Denver. And what you do find is generally surrounded by all manner of other historical military items from various sides, with a lot of G.I. stuff as it's the most common in this country. And that's because the booths selling them have a lot of militaria items and they are there to sell to other militaria buffs. Duh.

    I love Jade Gold's bellicose attitude backed up by a mix of ignorance and arrogance. It's why we pro-gunners win.

    And all signs point to the next election being a huge victory for fans of liberty.

    Carry on, Jade Gold, carry on. The make-believe crap you spew, so easily torn apart, only helps our cause.

  3. Anon:


    You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

    I was just thinking the same thing. I suspect the closest Jadefool has come to "sage" is when he eats an entire pound of Jimmy Dean Sausage in one sitting.

  4. Stephen: Again, you miss the central point. Most Nazi stuff at gunshows are replicas. So, the real militaria collectors are going to have exactly zero interest in that.

    I'll guarantee most gunshows will have someone selling Mein Kampf. Now, unless that book is signed by Hitler or has some interesting background like being a first edition, etc.--it has no militaria value whatsoever. So, what's it doing at a gun show?

    But isn't it odd the folks selling the Nazi stuff are also selling books on white supremacism?

  5. I think "as I sagely noted" is, for Jade, the equivalent of saying "and I, with my enormous genitalia"....
    But then, we freedom-loving types are the ones compensating for our small penises, right? Especially the chicks.

  6. There goes Tennessee Budd proving again that it's usually the pro-gun voice that utters the dick joke.

    Stephen, I think Jadegold made a good point that the itmes on sale have no historical value because they're cheap knock-offs.

    As I mentioned on the other thread, the guys who sell The Turner Diaries and the guys who sell swastika patches are just looking to make a buck and they come to the venue where they know they'll find customers.

    If you're not into that crap, why are you so defensive about it. What's so hard to admit that a certain percentage of your fellow gun owners IS into it?

  7. "If you're not into that crap, why are you so defensive about it. What's so hard to admit that a certain percentage of your fellow gun owners IS into it?"

    I think I can answer why. Because the pro-tyranny (thanks Zorro, I liked it so much, I thought I should keep it) side likes to paint with broad brushes, and comdemn entire groups because of one or two.

    So, yeah, a guy shows up and sells Nazi memorabilia at a gun show. And yeah, some dweebs show up and buy it because they are Neo-nazi scum and think that black people and Jews and pretty much anyone with more teeth than brain cells ought to be killed if their skin isn't the correct color of peach. Jade incorrectly uses that as an indictment against all gun owners everywhere as racists.

    I've been around long enough (although only started commenting this year) on this blog to know about the child-porn/computer comparison, and you rightly got hot about people making that comparison. You argued (one could even say defensively) against it. Why should it bother you? You are not one of them, are you? So why should you get all upset about it?

    That's how we feel.

  8. Thanks Anonymous. That's fair enough.