Friday, October 1, 2010

R.I.P. Tony

From Wikipedia.


  1. My favorite Tony Curtis role was "The Great Leslie" in The Great Race.

    The movie itself isn't so great. But the repartee between Tony Curtis and suffragette/journalist Maggie Dubois, (Natalie Wood,) is delightful. The whole white suit thing. He had a style all of his own.

  2. And RIP Houdini, he died on the last day of this month, a case of involuntary manslaughter committed by an otherwise law-abiding fist owner.

    Obviously a lack of fist law is to blame. I wonder which state that fist was tracked back to? Could it have been stolen? Rumor has it the murderer owned two, who needs more than one?

  3. "otherwise law abiding"=Code word for criminal.

    If it weren't for those pesky laws, they would be law abiding citizens.

    I mean laws against child sex, child pornography, gun possession, murder, driving your car down the sidewalk, robbery, and so forth just create criminals.