Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pizza Hut Man Kills Two

How many CCW permit holders have this kind of restraint?


  1. That's the wrong question. We should be asking: "Why were the criminals unrestrained?"

    They had histories demonstrating deficiencies toward becoming productive members of society, and instead they are dead.

    Perhaps it's better this way; "survival of the fittest". But its irresponsible of society to allow unfit behaviors that result in death when they can be easily corrected.

    Many social workers, judges, and probation officers had worked with these kids and failed them. I don't blame the delivery man--he was in no position to bargain with them.

  2. He was an NRA member and a CCW holder. Mark my words.

  3. Wow, poor guy...what he went through, nobody should ever have to go through. At least he was able to do something about it in the end rather than being completely at their mercy...and I bet he was right, I think they'd have ended up dead in the cooler if he hadn't done what he did.

  4. He has made the world a better place. I wouldn't wish what he went through on anyone, but I'm certainly glad it was him, rather than some blissfully defenseless cud-chewer, thus ensuring that two predators will prey no more.

  5. cj, I like the way you said it. I agree.

    Perhaps Van Dyke seems to think I was blaming the shooter.

    "I don't blame the delivery man--he was in no position to bargain with them."

    I wasn't blaming him either. I was commending his restraint.

  6. Well, he didn't violate any laws, that we know of. He did of course violate a condition of his employment.

    Yeah, these fellas sound like they deserved to die, no question they were crazed killers and were gonna kill a zillion folks--oh, wait, we don't know THAT either. But, s'okay, they're off the street now.

    My first question, after reading the news report was, "WTF is wrong with the idiot manager who walks off and leaves an employee in a store and doesn't even lock the damned door?"

    My next question is why was the one of the verybaddeadpeoples on probation for two years for a B&E to which a THIRD year was added for illegally carrying a concealed weapon? Now that is some kinda fucked up legal system.

    But, like everybody says, society is a lot better off when we just kill the badpeoples. I'm pretty sure that's the way folks in the middle east been sortin' things out since time immemorial--it's worked out surprisingly well.

  7. Mike, I thought the goal was to 'reduce gun death'.

    Here is an example of multiple failures in the legal & justice systems that lead directly to gun death.

    Justified--win/lose. Slightly better than an innocent victim killed--lose/lose. Still tagic--not win/win.

  8. Yes indeed, Van Dyke, slightly better. I think that's democommie's point. All that macho talk disparaging the bad guys and cheering their death is wrong.

  9. "All that macho talk disparaging the bad guys and cheering their death is wrong."

    From a purely moral and humane viewpoint, I would agree.

    Unfortunately, we live in a world where predators such as these are often left unpunished by our failing justice system, and worse, when reported on the news, words like "shooting victim" are used to describe the criminals after their prey has successfully fought back.

    Average people who know a spade is a spade get fed up hearing that, and seeing justice undone when predators like these two are treated to a revolving door justice system.

    Had these two persons been left in jail after their last assualt, they likely wouldn't be dead now.

    These guys brought about their own end. While I agree that celebrating their death is a bit over the top, I'd rather that than mourn their chosen victims.

  10. Fully agreed Mike.

    Now if you can figure out a law that would keep the pizza robbers from obtaining a weapon while not making it harder for the delivery man I will fully support it.

    Registration, storage laws, home inspections, etc. all have been shown to make legal ownership harder, and make very little to no difference for criminals.

    When you pile too many of those laws on, you get more crime sprees and more dead pizza delivery guys who were just trying to feed their children.