Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gov. Perry Favors Guns on Campus

The argument over allowing guns on campuses has heated up with the recent incident on the University of Texas. It's no surprise how the governor feels. In fact I must admit the pro-gun crowd who keep pushing the idea that mass shootings usually take place in gun-free zones have a compelling argument.

The problem with their solution is this. to get a concealed carry license is "just eight hours in a classroom and a couple of shots at a target that's not moving in a range – a very, very controlled situation."
The pro-gun argument of arming ordinary citizens or students in this case, as a first-response to criminal gun violence fails to consider that most of the ordinary gun owners would not be capable of helping. In order to do that one would need serious training and a certain type of personality, a combination of which your average armed citizen just does not have.

The down side, as continually pointed out by the police and University officials, as well as gun control advocates, is increased confusion, accidents and all the other problems that go with the proliferation of gun ownership.

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  1. You know, it funny to me that the pro-tyranny side (thanks again, Zor...I mean Roy) always talks about the training being inadequate, and that with more people carrying guns they'll be more accidental shootings and confusion and etc.

    Why aren't we seeing more of that now? The number of concealed carry permit holders is growing all the time. Where are all the additional accidents and confusion that should, according to MikeB, naturally follow? Are we seeing an increase in shootings, deaths and "accidents?"

    Sure, when we do a day to day look at the news, there's a shooting here, and a murder-suicide there. But are the annual totals going up?

    Can you point to more than one story anywhere in the US of "confusion*" due to the involvement of concealed carry permit holders?

    *By confusion, I mean that police were unsure of who the shooter was when coming upon the scene and engaged the concealed carry permit holder because of their confusion, or where two concealed carry permit holders ended up shooting at each other because they each thought that the other was the bad guy, etc.

  2. What is your point, that those things don't happen or that they happen at an acceptably low rate?

    If it's the second one, why all the heat about someone having a different idea of what's too much?

    You guys keep arguing as if you're right and we're wrong. Maybe it just come's down to a different perception of what price we should be willing to pay for what you call freedom (which I say is the opposite).

  3. I'm saying I have never heard of a single example. So, if there are some, show us. If there are not any to show, is there a problem?