Saturday, November 12, 2011

Barbara Sheehan gets 5 Years for Gun Charge

The Times Union reports on the sentencing and her reaction.

I'm not sure if we came to a consensus last time we talked about this one, so just in case I didn't make myself clear that time, here's my take on it. She's going to jail for the wrong reason. The District Attorney said it right.
"Barbara was not the victim in this case," Assistant District Attorney Debra Pomodore said. "Raymond, her husband, was the victim."
I'm all for women's rights. I'm the one who keeps linking to my "guns are bad news for women" post. But in this case, what she did is no different than all the other cases we read about in which someone snaps and uses a gun.

Temporary insanity might have worked, but not the battered wife defense. That's my take on it. What do you think?

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  1. 11 times. Did she have to re-load?

    I agree, temporary insanity is the correct defense. She will undoubtedly suffer from PTSD for the rest of her life.

    Since you bring up this case, mikeb302000, it makes me think about something else.

    How many of our red-blooded MurKKKin gunzloonz have actually killed somebody or shot them from eyeball to eyeball distance? I'm guessing a vanishingly slim %age. And of those few who have, how many are running around crowing about the rush it gave them?

    People have, of late, picked on guyz like anonylouse ane Greg and characterized their behavior as selfish. I don't really see that so much as I do misanthropy or sociopathy. And if either of those conditions exists in their psychen then shooting people that they perceive as a threat is definitely not gonna be THEIR problem.

  2. "11 times. Did she have to re-load?"

    Not if she used her husband's pistol. Since he is a RETIRED New York cop he is a higher class citizen and is allowed to own standard capacity magazines. Had he been one of the lessor serfs, he would have been restricted to having reduced capacity magazines if granted a pistol permit at all. You see, in New York, they have police issue like what MikeB wants so the police get to decide if you are worthy or not. Of course, this guy was not only worthy of owning a firearm but was also worthy of standard capacity magazines as well. She, of course was not worthy.

  3. Aw, I was just sorta kiddin', I knew she used two guns. She shot him with a "little" gun and then shot him some more with his "BIG GUN", but only just so's he wouldn't hurt her.

    I do understand that people who have been traumatized will go ballistic at times but there's a lot of things in the original and subsequent stories that make me wonder if she didn't just shoot him and then claim it was because of abuse.

    I doubt we will ever know the truth of that situation.

  4. I read somewhere that the guy was shaving and had a gun on the bathroom vanity within arm's reach, like any good gun lover. She took his other gun from the bedroom, emptied it then picked up his bathroom piece to finish the job.

    Nothin' wrong with her thinkin' that a couple years in the pokey won't fix.