Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marine Corps Birthday

Gordon over at The Alternate Brain wrote something extremely touching and beautiful in 2005.

The Birthday Ball

My comment:

I hadn't read your post from 2005 before. I just loved it. I can see why you'd be proud of that piece.

I served in the Marines between 1970 and 1972. I didn't go the the war. Even before my discharge I became extremely anti-government, anti-war and anti-Marine Corps.

I remain that way still, seeing not much of patriotism or heroism in our current volunteers as much as frustration and a lack of economic choices. I don't see them as the noble paragons of virtue they're often touted to be but rather saps who have been duped by the government.

Nevertheless, I can't deny the emotional attachment I feel for fellow Marines. Never does a November 10th go by that I don't reach out in some way to my fellows.

Your essay about the Birthday Ball ceremonies touched me deeply. I thank you for that.

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