Monday, November 7, 2011

Mike Vanderboegh the Amazing


  1. Ever notice how the most militant gunloon NRA-types--threatening the Govt--are also the most infirm? Just like human colostomy bag Vandeboegh.

  2. Jade, I have an older female friend, who is a colon cancer survivor. She has remained a vibrant, active woman, who still swims daily, and has an active career as a an mural artist, despite the surgery which left her with a colostomy bag.

    Please - stop insulting colostomy bags by comparing them to Vandeboegh.

    Instead maybe you should insult sewers and septic systems, or bathroom plumbing by comparing him to those things, if your are looking for a metaphor about being feces-filled...

  3. Jadegold & dog gone:

    Just call him a scumbag, it fits.

  4. I love the guy. My favorite Mike V moment was when it came out that he was taking a government check each month. He justified it by saying he was depleting the resourses of his enemy.