Saturday, November 12, 2011

Road Rage in Gun Friendly Arizona

Appleton told police another vehicle had been tailgating him, so he pulled into the drugstore parking lot. He said the vehicle followed him into the parking lot and Pearson exited the car and approached Appleton’s vehicle, police said.

Appleton said Pearson reached through his open car window and tried to choke him. That’s when Appleton took out his revolver and told Pearson to let go. He told police he shot him because he would not.

Appleton was arrested around 1:30 a.m. Friday, after police found inconsistencies in Appleton’s story based on physical evidence and witness accounts, police said.
You see what he did? He tried to claim it was a legitimate DGU, just like a lot of people do in that situation. Sometimes it's just too outlandish for even the gun-loving authorities in Arizona to accept.

What's your opinion? Do the lenient attitudes in Arizona regarding guns contribute to situations like this? Any lawful gun owner can carry a concealed weapon. The problem is too many of these lawful gun owners are unfit, especially in Arizona where the requirements for ownership are minimal.

Wouldn't it be better if people had to be highly trained and thoroughly screened in order to own guns and even more so to carry them outside the home? Wouldn't that prevent some of these incidents?

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  1. The link to the news article didn't work, so I haven't seen the details, presuming that they were provided there. If Appleton was telling the truth, this sounds like a righteous shoot. The police and prosecutors aren't disposed to believe in self defense, so the mere fact that Appleton was arrested tells me nothing.

    I really do believe in innocent until proven guilty, so I'll wait to make a judgement until all the facts are before me.

  2. That link seems to reach all the way to the Tucson newspaper but not to the article.

    Of course you're a big innocent-till-proven-guilty guy when it comes to gun offenses.

    But when the local crack addict is trying to jack your car, you're not too concerned then are you? In that case you're just JUSTIFIED.

  3. Mikeb302000,

    There's a difference between acting in the moment to save an innocent life and the power of the government standing in judgement over someone in a court case.