Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christian Gun Owners


  1. Typically for an activist, you fail to understand irony or snark. Obama was stupid when he said what he said. Are you shocked that those who disagree with him make rhetorical advantage of his faux pas? Of course, that sticker looks to be the product of Photoshop, not a genuine article.

    By the way, in terms of religion, I'm a Hellenist who also appreciates Norse myths. Christian fundamentalists aren't the only people who like guns.

  2. Greg Camp:

    You can rest assured that we totally understand the bumper sticker.

    Obama was not stupid, he was intemperate but honest. He was right on the money and it really stung a lot of people. The religious right gun owners, if they had to choose between their guns and their religion would, I'm fairly certain go for their guns, every time. This is simply because at bottom, they don't really believe in GOD as much as they believe in saying that they do makes them members of the tribe.

    Fuck all religions, they're equally nonsensical and, in the long run, stunt the emotional growth of millions of adherents. When you can blame bad outcomes on the devil it makes accepting responsibility a distant second to woo.

  3. Oh, sorry, Greg Camp, I didn't comment on your second observation--that the sticker was probably photoshopped. WTF? you think it's cool, and that we're too stupid to get it AND it's photoshopped?

  4. Yes, Democomie, I think that someone used a program to insert that sticker into the picture. Look closely at it. The shadow behind the top right doesn't make sense, and the sticker as a whole looks much sharper than the rest of the image.

    As for "fuck all religions," that's a sweeping dismissal of a whole lot of people. In addition, perhaps you're not aware that the Devil is particular to the monotheistic faiths arising out of the Middle East?

  5. Greg Camp:

    Why would someone photoshop in onto the rear window of that vehicle? I mean if you're trying to make fun of biblethumpinbulletloadinsisterhumpin religionists why not photoshop it onto the rear bumper of a 20 year old Ford pick-up with mismatched fenders and doors, a confederate flag rear window decal and a pair of bumper nuts?

    Show me a religion that doesn't insist that its adherents not go against common sense and decency at some point in the process of "finding the true path".

  6. Greg, Being a Hellenist must give you a special relationship with "molon labe," would you say?

  7. Mikeb302000,

    Yes, it does. I honor my intellectual and cultural ancestors and hope to preserve their gifts to us.


    There are rational people and crazy people in every religion, just as there are rational atheists and crazy atheists. Religion gives a measure of meaning to many lives. If it doesn't work for you, that's fine, but don't attack those who benefit from it and use it to make their lives better.

    I look at religion in the same way that I look at great works of literature. Humans understand the world fundamentally in a narrative manner and only secondarily, if at all, scientifically. Stories tell us about ourselves.