Friday, February 3, 2012

Cenk on the Private Prisons in Florida


  1. I don't think that private prisons are unique to Florida, but regardless, they're offensive. It's morally repugnant to have a corporation take on this duty of the state.

  2. I know this guys job is to pick and choose which causes he wants to rattle on about, but he entirely misses the root of the problem, which is corporatism, government in bed with business. It certainly is not only republicans as we can see by the current administration which is in bed with Wall St., Environmentalism Green Energy industry, Insurance Industry, Agricorps, and all the rest.

  3. Actually Anon, Cenk is pretty critical of those aspects of Obama and the Obama administration.

    It IS the Obama Administration which appears to be willing to make the tax code better and who has taken at least SOME steps towards restoring necessary regulation than Republican leadership.

    So while both parties have problems, Republicans and god knows, the Tea Party lunatics, are worse by a great deal.

    I have no problem whatsoever btw with the relationship between the Obama administration and environmentalism or the green energy industry. If you have a beef with his support for Solyndra, I suggest you better inform yourself about both Solyndra and about the Obama admin support for green energy in general.

    I would love to see corporate money get out of politics. It has been the left which has led the way on that. I suggest you check out the efforts for example of Dylan Ratigan, which are moving steadily and have been surprisingly successful.

  4. I wouldn't call the Democratic Party a model of rectitude and freedom from corruption. Both major parties need a serious measure of housecleaning.

  5. DG, clearly you have no problem with corporatism, lobbyists, or any of the other evils of government being in bed with business if you defend the administration and green energy industry.
    And obviously you haven't figured out that taxes and regulations are the reason companies leave and the US is not even in the TOP 10 countries to start a business.