Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Who cares about three students dead in Ohio when they've killed more before?

You gotta shot a whole lot more before anyone takes any notice about school, or other mass shootings in the US they are so commonplace there.

And I have one thing to say to the people who want to make stupid comments about whether it semi-, fully-, automatic, or what the fuck.

The big difference is between whether you have to move you trigger finger.

There is something called muzzle climb with fully-automatic weapons which means the muzzle rises with each shot fired.

A semi-automatic weapon doesn't have that problem, which means the bullet may not be flying as fast, but they are more accurate.

but, what I really want to say to you if you are going to play games about what type of weapon it is:



  1. I see that several comments over the last few days have been moderated out of existence. That's a sure sign that Laci is back.

  2. Yup, Laci can spew nonsense and curses to his heart's content. We just have to continue showing that we're better than that.

  3. Hey fuckhead,
    How much muzzle rise does a Glock 7 have?

  4. The subject at hand is assholes eating shit. You're right I never should have dropped the level of discourse. MikeB will never make you a mod here so get over it.

  5. By the way, Laci, you complain about the quality of our comments, and yet you post an article like this.

    1. Your spelling is as bad as Democommie's here.

    2. You argue in favor of ignorant discourse, since you care nothing for the distinctions among words.

    3. But most importantly, you show that you lack the authority of morals or reason in your arguments.

  6. "The subject at hand is assholes eating shit."

    Now that was funny.

  7. You know, I expect asinine remarks from Democommie, but I always thought Laci the Dog was better than that...guess I was wrong.

    And using "comedy" videos by "Lizzie" to illustrate your non-point seems a little immature, but that's just me.

    Mike G.