Sunday, February 26, 2012

Starbucks Shooting - Cops Involved in Murder Suicide

A Hamilton police sergeant was found dead inside his sport utility vehicle late last night in an apparent suicide, hours after he allegedly shot and seriously wounded a Beverly police officer, officials said.

A late-night police search culminated back at the scene of the first shooting, outside a Starbucks off Route 1A in Beverly, where the body of Sergeant Ken Nagy was discovered in his Saab SUV.
The obvious inference is that trained and qualified people sometimes go off the rails. This is true of law enforcement as well as civilian gun owners.

My contention is the percentage is too high and certain reasonable restrictions would bring it down.

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  1. And in Massachusetts, no less. How could this happen? Oh, right, people CAN'T be controlled and still be human. They can be led and encouraged, but control doesn't work.

  2. Mikeb302000:

    There was obviously some history between the two cops. It may have involved a woman or something else that they were fighting over. The cop lived will no doubt be spinning whatever will work for him. The guy who was on duty, the one who lived, may be able to shed some light on why he was meeting with an off-duty officer from an adjoining community while on shift--not that the circumstance alone means much, without context.

    I am pretty familiar with both Hamilton and Beverly having worked in Salem, MA and dating someone from Hamilton for several years. The two communities are very different. Hamilton is mostly upscale and a bedroom community for a lot of Boston based folks who make a good living. Beverly has its areas of high end but it's no Hamilton. It will be interesting to see what shakes out of the trees, if anything.

    Greg Camp sez:

    "And in Massachusetts, no less. How could this happen? Oh, right, people CAN'T be controlled and still be human."

    Horseshit. Pure and simple horseshit.

    "They can be led and encouraged, but control doesn't work."

    So, no grades in your courses? No traffic laws or laws of any sort are necessary in your universe. You are such a pompous--and clueless--jerk.

    Your little slice of gunzparadize, Arkansas, had 49 murders by handgun in 2010. Massachusetts, otoh, had, WHAT 52 murders by handgun. OhNOES!! 11tyone. Wait, what's that? Oh, yeah, I forgot. Arkansas has 44.533...% of Massachusetts population. So, gosh, sorry purrfessur, you're still full of shit.

    And, before you go to all of the trouble of stuffing your, "So, you want COPS to be armed, but not honest, upright, allaboutthe4rules citizens like ME to haz teh gunz." strawman, let me hasten to add that Mikeb302000 and myself--as well as the other posters on this blog--are not giving the cops special dispensation to shoot people they don't like. You can think that as much and as often as you like, when you write it down? expect the ridicule, son.

    1. 1. Yes, I have to give grades, but I don't like it. One letter or number cannot express the total value and weaknesses of a student's work. Grades also contribute to the silly notion that going to school is only about getting a piece of paper at the end.

      2. A lot of drivers around here ignore the traffic light for a little bit when it changes, since the lights are badly timed. Many also routinely violate the speed limit. That being said, most of us stay within reasonable bounds. It's just that demanding too much of any group will earn opposition. I didn't say that this characteristic is good or bad. I reported it as a truth about human nature.

      3. In 2010:

      Massachusetts population: 6,547,629
      Massachusetts murders: 210

      Arkansas population: 2,915,918
      Arkansas murders: 138

      Apparently, people find ways to kill each other that don't involve guns.

      4. Yes, these are the people that your side approves of having guns. They go through the background checks and testing and monitoring that your side wants. And yet, they go wrong from time to time. This is why we see an implication in your arguments that you want to disarm everyone.

  3. The cops were just arguing over a doughnut, shit happens man, shit happens......

    And the fact that this happened near a Starbucks is Oh so much, WHO GIVES A FUCK!!!!!11111-eleventy-one!!!!!

    1. It's because gun rights advocates went to Starbucks on Valentine's Day to break the boycott. Our side does nothing wrong at Starbucks, but some cops go off the rails, so Starbucks should ban concealed carry by private citizens. Cops will still carry in Starbucks, naturally.