Sunday, August 19, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Idaho Woman by her Negligent Husband - No Charges

SF Gate reports

The Canyon County Sheriff's Office says it's investigating a reported accidental shooting that left a 51-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to the head.

Authorities say police and emergency medical responders were called just after 8:15 p.m. Friday to a Middleton residence.

Police say they were told a 56-year-old man was reloading a .380 caliber handgun after showing it to his nephew when it discharged, injuring the man's wife.
This story touches upon two of our favorite themes. Guns are bad news for women and one strike you're out.

The only problem is in Idaho, neither of those ideas count for much.

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  1. So Mike,

    I have read your one strike and you out idea numerous times. If it is a good idea for gun accidents, then it should also be a good idea for car accidents ... right?

    Cars are far more deadly than guns and car accidents frequently kill more than one person per incident while gun accidents almost never kill more than one person per incident.

    If someone runs a stop sign and causes a fender bender, they have *clearly* shown they do not have the maturity to be driving a car. I mean, they could have killed someone!

    So, one strike and your out ... if it is good for guns, it is even better for cars!

    1. No, why would it follow that if it's good for gun accidents then it's good for car accidents? Are guns and cars that much alike in your view?

    2. In regards to the risk of using them in an unsafe manner or of failing to treat them with respect - cars are FAR FAR more dangerous than guns.

      So if you goal is to keep people safe from those who don't respect the object (either cars or guns) you would have a much greater protective benefit from a one strike and your out policy on cars than you would guns.

      Are you saying it is more ok to drive a car irresponsibly than to handle a gun irresponsibly?

    3. Who ever said my "goal is to keep people safe from those who don't respect the object (either cars or guns)."

      My interest is guns and gun control. Didn't you realize that? Go to one of the MADD sites if you want to talk about cars.

    4. So now analogies are not allowed to be used to show the illogical nature of you thought process? Got it!

    5. So now you admit the truth, Mikeb. You don't care about safety. You care only about control.

  2. Even better for doctors!