Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pennsylvania State Rep. Todd Stephens on Tougher Sentencing for Gun Crime


  1. You're slipping, Mikeb. You posted a rational person in a video. Let's do what he says, and let's also decriminalize or legalize the possession of drugs, and we'll have a much better criminal justice system.

  2. And try sending a felon in possession of a firearm up to the Feds for prosecution, 10 years for possession is Federal Law.

    You did know that, right Mike?

    Or Is that not stiff enough?

    1. That sounds pretty stiff to me.

    2. Not stiff enough, Mike. That is a part of the revolving door policy for criminals I talk about. A felon in possession, that means a person already convicted of serious crime that is willing to break more laws.
      So he is willing to flout his conviction, carry a weapon that is prohibited to him, to use for what, apparently for a deadly crime.

      And we get your scorn for what this convicted felon does or is planning to do? Get your priorities straight man! We are not your problem, you have nothing to fear from me! Your fear needs to be placed in the justice system that makes us ALL victims. Your fear needs to be in the laws that disarm regular citizen from this felon and his intent to commit more crimes and deadly ones at that.
      Your fear should be that if you happen to have a face to face with this guy that there is absolutly NOTHING you can do about it if he shoots you because the police wont be there to stop it, they can only draw a chalk line around you. Unless you keep yourself armed in defense of yourself against this guy until the laws are changed that will keep this guy behind bars.