Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Owners of Loredo Gun Shop Indicted for Blatant Abuses of the Gun Laws

My SA (San Antonio, Texas) reports

Agents raided Jacaman Guns and Ammo and an adjacent business, A-Frame for You, on Monday and arrested the owners, Robert Jacaman Sr. and his wife, Veronica, U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson of Houston said in a news release.

The Jacamans were indicted last week on charges that they conspired to acquire and sell thousands of rounds of .223-caliber ammo to an illegal immigrant; 1,000 rounds of .223-caliber ammo and 1,000 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo to a Mexican national here on a nonimmigrant visa; and hundreds of .223-caliber ammo to a convicted felon. All are people prohibited from buying guns in the United States.

Prosecutions of gun shop operators are rare. It was the second indictment this year against gun store operators on the Texas border with Mexico.
Why do you suppose these types of indictments are so rare? Many believe the abuses are commonplace.  What's the problem?

My opinion is that lax or non-existent gun control laws make it nearly impossible to identify and arrest those involved in straw purchasing.  The solution is simple and would not interfere with the "sacred, god-given rights" of lawful gun owners.

One question is why do lawful gun owners oppose such regulations?  Are they so self-centered that they wouldn't want to accept even a tiny bit of inconvenience in order to clean up this mess along the border?

What do you think? What do you think will happen next?  Will the gun shop be closed permanently?  Will the abuse be stopped?

Well, if previous cases are any indication, what will happen here is the family won't miss a beat.  Sonny boy will take over and the gangster clientele won't even notice the difference. Meet Robert Jacaman Jr. on the right.

What's your opinion?  Is it too much to ask that when a licensed  firearms dealer is arrested, the family business is closed down permanently?  Are we really supposed to believe this is not a family disease, this law-breaking attitude of selling guns indiscriminately regardless of the law?

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. 1. We live in a nation of law, not whim. "Many believe" is not evidence. Do you really want people investigated on the basis of your intuition? If so, will that just be for gun crimes, or will you want everything to be included?

    2. You demand a license to exercise a Constitutionally protected right and registration of all pieces of property covered under the same protection. We've made too many compromises with your kind already. You got the National Firearms Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act of 1968, and the Brady Bill. Not being satisfied with all that, you want more. You are willing to give up nothing of consequence in return. No deals.

    3. Registration is a necessary step toward getting rid of privately held firearms. The government can't take what it doesn't know about. We prefer to keep the government ignorant about this subject.

    1. Your 3rd point is either paranoid nonsense or a flat out lie. I think it's the second. You don't really believe that but you think it's a good argument or something.

    2. Mikeb, handguns in the United Kingdom. That's one example of how registration led to confiscation. We've given you more. The fact that you ignore them isn't our fault.

      But rather than being insulting, why don't you show how the facts are misinterpreted and the logic is wrong? Are you telling me that handguns are legal in the U.K.? Are you saying that registration didn't make confiscation possible there? Are you saying that the government can take what it doesn't have a list of?

      You repeatedly claim that the things that my side says are mere repetitions of NRA statements or so forth. Even if that's true, which it is not, who cares? Quit dismissing the source. Answer the point. I address yours. You should do the same.

  2. I pray the prayer of St Gunsel for you, Greg: May your loved ones be on the front lines of the next massacre. You love guns, let them love you.

    1. You're merely the latest in a long line of control freaks who has expressed a desire to see me or my family die in a violent act. Why is your side so hateful?

  3. The ATF has already required extra reporting laws on bordering states than the rest, Texas included. If a gun shop owner is going to be blinded by money then he gets what he deserves by breaking that law. If he is found guilty then he needs to pay the price and loose his license and prohibited to be around that store even if his family takes it over.

    I am all for getting rid of criminals, not adding laws or further restrictions on law abiding citizens. No revolving door justice system.