Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Graham Nash Interview

from the Graham Nash interview

AP: CSN played Red Rocks (in Colorado) in July right before the Aurora shooting. What's your take on the tragedy?

Nash: My take on that is that in probably less than 100 years the National Rifle Association and the gun lobby and the pharmaceutical lobby and the tobacco industry and the liquor lobby will all be seen as major criminals. Tobacco companies know that their cigarettes are killing people by the hundreds of thousands every year. They knew. They covered it up. That was that great whistle-blowing thing, you know? We know how many people die because of drink. Not because of drink of accidents and car accidents because people are impaired. We know that the pharmaceutical companies are ripping us off. We know all this. There's a tremendous amount of power that those financial companies have, and it will take a long time and a great deal of effort to bring it to the attention of people, but I still maintain that within 100 years they'll all be seen as major criminals.

AP: What's the solution to the senseless violence as seen in Aurora?

Nash: And what was it Mitt Romney said? We don't need to change the gun laws because of Colorado, wow. If those were any of his kids it would be in the Constitution by now.

AP: Do you feel people don't speak up?

Nash: That's right. Bread and circuses, baby. Give them something to watch like Kim Kardashian's (expletive). Give them something to eat, lie down and be sheep. Let us just rob them.
What do you think?


  1. Someone who makes his living by exercising one right shouldn't seek to curtail the rights of others. It's kind of like watching a car wreck when he complains about how the people are sheep while at the same time calling for greater government control of the people. We see the crash coming, and yet he just rolls right into it. It would be hilarious if it weren't alarming.

  2. Perhaps he/she forgot that Obama said no new laws were needed as well.

  3. For all you gunwhacks, I pray the prayer of St Gunsel: May your loved ones have a front-row seat at the next mass murder.

    1. You would be from the violent wing of the non-violent crowd?