Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lawful Missouri Gun Owner Settles Argument with a Gun - 1st Degree Murder Charged

The Kansas City Star reports

43-year-old John Cunningham of Jennings is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the death of his uncle, 44-year-old Lessie Lowe. 

The shooting happened during an argument early Monday. Police say the men were arguing over whether the cuts of meat they were planning to cook were pork steaks or pork chops. Cunningham said they were pork steaks, but Lowe disagreed. 

Police say the argument became physical and the two had to be separated by someone else in the house. Cunningham then allegedly retrieved a shotgun and shot Lowe, who died later at a hospital.
Many of these incidents could be prevented with simple requirements for gun ownership. But, the pro-gun folks won't even consider it.  For them, convenience is more important that prevention.

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  1. mikeb said..."Many of these incidents could be prevented with simple requirements for gun ownership."

    Really? You say that your gun control proposals would not limit law abiding citizens. This, apparently, was a law abiding citizen. Tell me, what ADDITIONAL law would have prevented this? A specific law banning the shooting of another over an argument of what a cut of meat is?

    1. Department of Pre-crimes again.

    2. Yes, of course, I forgot about Pre-crimes.

    3. You guys are playing dumb, you know very well what I'm talking about.

      Strict gun control, as I define it, would prevent many of the unfit and dangerous people from getting guns legally. Some of them would turn to illegal means, but not most. These are basically good folks but they just cannot handle the responsibility of gun ownership.

      Then, when faced with an argument over the cold cuts, or when the wife tells them she's had enough, the ones who are still unarmed as a result of proper restrictions will do less damage.

      Meanwhile, guys like you would be basically unaffected.

    4. 1. We've shown you how we'd be harmed, and we've shown you the potential future harms of your proposals, but you refuse to acknowledge what we said. We know what "unaffected" means to you. You don't care about our rights, so you have no problem infringing on them.

      2. How will you identify someone like the man in this case? Whatever predictors you use, you will end up with many false positives. Again, you don't care about gun rights, so denying rights to someone or forcing that person to fight the system to exercise rights isn't a problem for you. We'll never accept it.

    5. mikeb said..."You guys are playing dumb, you know very well what I'm talking about."

      Nope, don't know what your talking about. Let's look at your six gun control laws.

      1. There is nothing in the story that indicates he would not have been denied a permit. He hit his target, so his eyes work and he would have presumably passed on the shooting range.

      2. There is no indication as to when he purchase the firearm, but even if it was new, registration wouldn't have prevented him from using the firearm.

      3. He was a lawful gun owner, so he would have passed a background check.

      4. The waiting period may have helped, if he bought that shotgun in the two days prior to the shooting.

      5. Don't need a Conceal Carry permit.

      6. No assault weapon here.

      So, what am I missing? Ah, yes, the last part of number one. approval by the local authorities.

      So, am I to understand that the only thing from your propositions that would have interfered with this man killing his uncle would have been a local government agent that would have foreseen this tragedy? Unless you counting on the 'authorities' denying this man a shotgun because he's black, and that just racist.

    6. If the authorities did what control freaks want, they would deny an ownership permit to everyone. After all, we're all pre-criminals.

  2. Yeah, but were they pork chops or pork steaks?
    Evidently this is life or death important shit to Obama's people.
    Dumb ass welfare democrats shooting each other over cuts of meats.
    Did anyone else notice these aren't old, white, fat people.
    Maybe all those proposals for gun control Mikeb suggests should be tried out on African - (not a country) Americans (not a country) first to see how they would work out.
    orlin sellers