Thursday, September 13, 2012

MA State Trooper Gets Off Scott Free after Negligently Shooting Woman

Local CBS News reports

A State Police trooper who shot a woman in a hunting accident is in the clear, at least criminally. 

Cheryl Blair was walking her dogs in Norton on New Year’s Eve when her neighbor, John Bergeron, mistook her dog for a deer and shot her.

Bergeron was charged with negligence but a clerk magistrate has thrown out the case. The State Police determined the shooting was accidental.

The trooper has a permit for the black powder rifle, and was out within the deer hunting season.

The bullet shattered Blair’s hip and she has had to undergo at least nine surgeries for infections.  She has filed a lawsuit against Bergeron.
To me this sounds like a disgraceful coverup of the cop's negligence.  Actually it was double negligence.  He thought the dog was a deer and then shot the WOMAN.  It's hard to even imagine how something like that could happen.

What's your opinion?  Shouldn't hunters be held responsible for adhering to the 4 Rules of Gun Safety like everybody else? 

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  1. As a former Trooper, My heart goes out to this woman and her family. She is getting the run around. The Environmental Police should have arrested him on the spot. Instead this Trooper gets a criminal complaint where a clerk magistrate covers it up and it doesn't go on his record where others would receive arrest and arrainment and it would stay on their record whether guilty or not.

    The State Police should have suspended him for 30 days, for unbecoming of a Trooper while off duty. The Colonel of the State Polcice should be ashamed of herself. This Trooper makes other hunters look bad and should be on permanent desk duty. Could he shoot someone while working by accident. Look at Framingham PD the swat team member is still carrying a gun for his accidental shooting. Would the common person received the same treatment? I hope I get the same Clerk Magistrate someday. What a moron. The best part is he can still go hunting!