Thursday, September 13, 2012

Michael Palin's Speech about Socialism from GBH

Of course, it helps to see the series this comes from to get what is going on  here, but:

"socialism is the redistribution not only of wealth, but of care, of concern and of equality, and of decency and belief in mankind."


  1. So the equal "redistribution" of care, concern, equality, decency and belief in mankind cannot happen without wealth being included in redistribution?

  2. Pooch, being the genius he is, is going to explain how one's care, concern, decency, etc. can be redistributed. It would seem that one could distribute their own wealth, care, concern, equality, etc. more effectively and how they want it to be distributed better than a central planner. Too bad mental pygmy socialists haven't figured that out yet.
    orlin sellers