Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Russian Roulette Craze

We've read about a few cases of Russian Roulette lately. I suppose there's more of it going on than we know about. Is this where it started? Did the idea of enjoying the adrenalin rush of risking death, usually while drinking heavily, start with the great film The Deerhunter? What do you think?

Well, finally there's a solution. We can't help it if ART sometimes influences LIFE, but at least we now have a safe and fun way to do it.

The company Can You Imagine is selling this Party Roulette toy, a plastic gun that uses balloons as ammo. The concept is as ingenious as it is simple. First, you fill up a balloon with water or air, and then you put the balloon in the loop. All of the gun’s chambers are empty, save for one needle that pokes forward when you pull the trigger. Spin the cylinder, point it at your head, and then experience butt-clenching terror as you wait for a “click” or a “pop” to tell you your fate.

Buying one of these party toys will put you back $18 – a small price to pay for a game that easily trumps "never ever have I ever", "quarters", betting on who’s going to throw up first, and other classic party games.

What's your opinion?  With the dissemination of this very inventive toy, will the incidents of Russian roulette deaths decrease?

Somehow I doubt it.

What do you think?  Please leave a comment.


  1. The origin of this appears to have been a short story in Collier's, dated January 30, 1937, written about the French Foreign Legion by an author named Georges Surdez. It is likely the invention of that author, since there's no specific evidence of the Russians playing that game.

    The story is worthy of attention:

  2. Mike - half of that toy looks like a real gun, so in good conscience can you really suggest people buy it?

  3. I much prefer the Deer hunter version.....

    Shoot a bunch of godless commies and end up caving in the skull of one of them with a ak-47....

    Good times....

  4. Someone is gonna mistake that for a REAL gun and get someone KILLED!!

    ROFLMAO!! Jeezzee.

    1. Besides, ever have a balloon blow up next to your ear? Can cause some real hearing damage! Put your eye out with balloon fragments. Looks pretty dangerous to me.