Monday, September 10, 2012

Why We're Bullish on Gun Stocks


  1. Lots of groups are buying guns, and gun manufacturers are creating jobs. Uh oh, here come the leftists to destroy another job creator in private industry.

  2. The explanation heard here is a ever expanding population of gun owners, not shrinking. More first time gun owners now than ever before. The number of guns sold in the US is an example that the number of guns in the US being touted as 300,000,000 is low. I believe the number is a bit farther north of that. And a growing number of liberal, Democrat gun owners is expanding as well.

    More carry licenses than ever before is also explained here as well, makes sense because of the expanding gun rights in every state, save one. And Illinois is soon to follow suit as their population doesn't want to be disarmed anymore.

    This is making the UN nervous as they are trying their very best to undermine the constitution and the US people. It will be a total failure if its tried. The UN cant have a country so strongly armed that it can defend itself. Russia is also following suit giving many reasons for their population to legally carry pistols, one of which is for a stronger national defense, in their own words.

    The private population of the US has always been strongly armed but mostly silent on the issue. Not so much anymore, and expanding. Good for them.

  3. Mikeb, note that the analysts here are not advocating for gun rights--other than the gun shop owner--but are reporting what we've been telling you all along: Lots of people in many different demographics are buying guns.

    Good for them.

    1. Yeah, the main "demographic" being gun nuts who already own multiple weapons.

    2. Sure there are plenty that own multiple guns. But what has been pointed out in your article is there are hundreds of thousands of new owners, some of which will be new multiple gun owners.