Tuesday, October 9, 2012

OK Concealed Carry Permit Holder Leaves Gun in School and Doesn't Even Know it

Local news reports with video
via Kid Shootings
Moore police say a gun found on a chair in the classroom of an elementary school belonged to the relative of a teacher.

Investigators say the relative was assisting a Plaza Towers Elementary teacher in repairing a computer at the school at 852 Southwest 11th Street in Moore over the weekend. The relative, who is licensed to carry the gun, told police he did not realize it had fallen out of his pocket until he saw reports on the news.
Police say the owner of the gun contacted them. No one has been arrested, but officers say they will turn their investigation over to the district attorney.
Are you allowed to bring guns into elementary schools in Oklahoma? Are you allowed to lose track of your guns in Oklahoma?

Incidents like this are not taken seriously enough.  He should surrender all his guns pending the investigation. The man is a menace.

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  1. I am very disappointed that the owner lost their firearm and didn't realize that they lost it. This illustrates why we should educate young children on basic firearm safety. Young children could stumble upon a firearm anywhere, whether at home, a friend's house, or even tossed into a vacant lot.

    As for Oklahoma law, I don't know if they criminalize people who possess effective self-defense tools in schools.

    1. Well do you suppose they criminalize leaving those self-defense tools unattended in schools?

      Do you think they should?