Sunday, October 7, 2012

Road Rage Cop in California

Local news reports
Following the initial road rage incident, both drivers exited the 71 and stopped inside the Shoppes' parking lot between California Pizza Kitchen and Dripp. 

The off-duty officer reported that the four men exited their vehicle and approached him. The officer said he saw objects in the hands of two of the four men.

The officer reported he armed himself with a gun and fired several shots, striking two of the men. It was unclear if he ever identified himself as an off-duty officer prior to firing.
No one has been arrested, leaving some people puzzled and concerned about the outcome of the incident.

"If it was anyone other than a cop, they would be in jail for at the minimum assault with a deadly weapon," said Phung Li, Chino Hills resident and business owner.
I don't know if I agree with that. Often a civilian gun owner who acts badly is not arrested. But, in this case it certainly could be because he is a cop.

The problem is both LEO and civilian gun owners are too often unfit to safely handle guns.  The only solution I can think of is a stricter enforcing of the laws.  One strike you're out would ensure that these trigger happy guys only get one chance to act out their frustrations. In this case, for example, does anyone believe this was the very first time this cop acted badly?  I don't.

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  1. Oi! You there! We miss you over at TTAG, and since you don't seem to get anything in the way of comments over here, why not come over and argue with us?

  2. This case is being investigated, and all the details are not in. It could be a legitimate case of self-defense. Let's note, though, that this was by a law enforcement officer in California--that's a Brady Bunch twofer, for those who are keeping score.

  3. The States and their localities need to employ competent and professional individuals to serve as law enforcement, and protect society, so civilians won't be encouraged to arm and defend themselves, and allow society to sink into the Charybdis of power-decentralization, and ultimately to the abyss of vigilantism.

    In other words, unprofessional officers encourage the proliferation of arms among civilians.

    1. Freedom encourages the proliferation and use of arms among civilians. And while we're on the subject, the police are civilians, too, unless they also happen to be in military service.

    2. You're absolutely right. We need higher standards for the police. They need to be better qualified and better trained.

  4. Way, way, way too many law enforcement officers are committing heinous violent crimes "under color of law" and getting away with it. As the old question goes, "Who polices the police"? Well I can tell you it usually isn't anyone.

    This is a prime example why it's a really bad idea if only law enforcement officers are armed. Their behavior is getting worse and very few of the "brothers in blue" are holding their peers accountable. If they keep it up, citizens are going to start holding them accountable ... and it won't be pleasant.