Monday, October 8, 2012

The Noel Palanco Shooting

 The New York Times reports

The driver, Noel Polanco, 22, did not comply with Detective Hamdy’s orders to put his hands up, instead reaching “down in a quick motion, down on the floor of the car,” said the lawyer representing the detective, Philip Karasyk.

A front-seat passenger in Mr. Polanco’s car, however, has disputed Mr. Karasyk’s account, told to him by the detective. The passenger, Diane Deferrari, told investigators that Mr. Polanco had no time to comply with orders to put his hands up. He still had his hands on the steering wheel when he was shot in the abdomen area, said Ms. Deferrari, who characterized the shooting as police road rage.
Somebody's lying. How about if we just don't accept any more shootings of unarmed people by the police? Wouldn't that simplify matters?

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  1. Unfortunately, this incident is not an isolated incident. Many law enforcement officers are beating, shooting, and killing citizens unjustifiably.

  2. A citizen shot by a cop in California--Brady Bunch twofer. E.N. would be pleased, since that was a state actor shooting a mere citizen, but Mikeb, the rest of your side should look carefully at what people you trust with guns.