Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reactions to Joe Biden's Ridiculous Shot Gun Comments


  1. I take it this heading was provided so we could comment generally on Joe's stupidity?

    1. A Shotgun has more recoil and can be harder for some people to use.
    2. Joe suggests that you empty the shotgun, rendering it a club unless you know how to reload it--something just as complicated to learn as learning how to use an AR-15.
    3. Joe suggests reckless discharge of the shotgun, unaimed, and used as a warning shot fired outside the home. So much fail here--rule 4 violation, defense is allowed Inside your home, not against prowlers, warning shots are illegal, etc. etc.

    Really inspires confidence in his competency to legislate what guns we should have and how we should be allowed to use them!

  2. What is it with vice-presidents and shotguns?

    orlin sellers

  3. I've seen what I think are his comments that you're referring to here. He recommends a double-barrel shotgun for home defense and advises firing two warning shots if someone is trying to break into your home. This is the man who's leading the executive branch's attempts at gun control?