Tuesday, June 4, 2013

For those of you who said they would like to see me hunt boar with a spear...

It ain't me who is going to be the first to get to the boar--it's the dogs!

The dog's story starts at 2:40.

Trust me, dogs will go after critters larger than they are and hold them.  Animal cruelty is why hunting boar with hounds is banned in some jurisdictions.

The human just delivers the coup de grace.


  1. There are dogs bred for that kind of hunt.

    Poor brave pit bull.

  2. Replies
    1. Get rid of the guns and get a guard dog.

    2. How about I keep my guns and my dog? Besides, I was asking Laci.

    3. Texas Colt carryJune 5, 2013 at 5:11 PM

      Yeah, that will work in every situation, right?

    4. Right, Mike, because Attack Dogs aren't the next thing that the nanny state will seek to outlaw...


      Oops, looks like this hero dog would be banned is various locales, and people have sought to ban his kind in many more.

      But don't worry, after they've banned guns, dogs, pocket knives, pepper spray, etc., just like in Britain, you can buy a loud whistle and a pair of trainers so that you can try to escape harm and alert the constabulary.

    5. Alert the constabulary, who for the most part are themselves unarmed and will have to summon the few who get the government's seal of approval to have a gun.

    6. Texas Colt carryJune 6, 2013 at 5:34 PM

      I like Greg's idea better. Keep dog and gun. Dog attacks intruder, intruder may be armed and shoots dog, gives Greg enough time to put a bead on intruder and sends him to jail or grave. Greg may have to get another dog, but he and his family lives on to train another dog.

      Problem solved.

      Mike, not all places allow a dog where one may live. Especially apartment dwellers where crime tends to be higher. Here in Texas, you may not have a dog, but you certainly may have a gun.

    7. They're not all unarmed anymore. They were in Edinburgh when I was there, but they were all in the well lit areas where a drunken brawl was the most common thing they dealt with--occasionally a stabbing, but those and the muggings were usually in less well lit areas where you never would see a cop.

      In other parts of the Island they carry sub machine guns, including in one town where they're patrolling a park and playground with them due to a large number of shootings there. (I have no idea where the criminals are getting the guns since Britain is an island with very strict gun control, but somehow they're managing it.)