Saturday, June 8, 2013

Texas Woman Accidentally Shoots Friend in the Head - Arrested Immediately

Local news reports

Police responded to a call from the suspect, Sanela Suhopoljac, 22, after she accidentally shot Jonathan Heath, 29, in the head. Suhopoljac lives at the residence. Also present was another adult witness. All three individuals were at the residence voluntarily, the release stated.

As a result of the investigation, Suhopoljac was arrested for aggravated assault due to engaging in reckless conduct that resulted in serious bodily injury to another.

“Specific details of exactly how the entire incident unfolded are still under investigation, but it is believed the suspect was reckless with the handling of the firearm, rather than intentionally shooting the victim,” said Lt. Darren Brockway of The Colony Police Department. “We still haven't spoken to the victim, so we're still unclear as to exactly what happened, but we don't believe it was intentional.

“It was either an accident or horseplay. We do know there wasn't an argument, but anytime someone handles a firearm they have to be careful. It was definitely a reckless act.”

Now, what's so hard about that?  Were her rights violated? Was due process ignored?

No.  When someone is responsible for a gun mishap, they should go to jail, just like this one did.

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  1. Mikeb, when are you going to learn that these news reports are so spotty as to make it difficult to determine what actually happened and why the police and prosecutors acted as they did?

    Regardless, you know my answer. An investigation has to happen first, before someone is arrested, barring circumstances such as a violent offender who poses a continuing threat or some other clear reason to take the person to jail.

    1. The victim deserves JUSTICE. The State has decided not to file charges per the newspapers!
      The State has failed this victim!
      This woman's gross negligence has altered this victims life forever. State should pursue charges!! This is not fair to the victim or his family. How could they let her walk! This case deserves to be brought to light!!! This is unjust!
      Mike you should do follow up on this story!!!

  2. Mike, I would like to chat about this case. Do you have an email?