Thursday, June 6, 2013

Utah Gun Lobbyist Aposhian Ordered to Give Up firearms

(Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) Clark Aposhian, Utah's chief gun rights activist and chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, appears in Holladay Justice Court on four charges, including domestic violence, for a Memorial Day incident at his ex-wife's house. Judge Augustus Chin ordered him to secure his weapons away from his home, car and person.

Salt Lake Tribune

Clark Aposhian — a political force who helps guide gun policy on Utah’s Capitol Hill — was ordered by a justice court judge Tuesday to surrender all firearms in his home, office and on his person based on pending domestic violence charges and a protective order filed by his ex-wife.

"I’m going to prohibit you at this point as part of the protective order from having any firearms," Judge Augustus Chin said in a brief arraignment and hearing. "If there are any weapons in your home, I’m giving you 24 hours to remove them. That’s in effect immediately."

Aposhian, the state’s foremost gun lobbyist and an outspoken concealed weapons permit instructor, pleaded not guilty to domestic violence in the presence of a child and three other class B misdemeanors: trespass, criminal mischief and threat of violence.

The charges all stem from a Memorial Day incident in which Aposhian drove his 10-wheel, 2-ton army truck into his ex-wife’s Cottonwood Heights neighborhood, allegedly honked an air horn and then backed into the ex-wife’s driveway, nearly hitting a parked vehicle.

Usually concealed carry maniacs get away with the crap they pull - not this time.

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  1. He honked his horn and backed up, not hitting anything? Then the ex-wife's new victim, I mean, husband claimed Aposhian said something? Well golly gee, he should be put away for life...

    Seriously, Mikeb, this is why I'm suspicious of news stories and want to await all the facts. But if you want to reduce the rate of domestic violence, how about a may-issue policy for marriage licenses?

  2. I'm not going to delve into the appropriateness of the charges and action in this situation since I don't have many facts at the moment--Greg has already pointed out that with the facts in this article , the case seems, weak, but there may be more to it than we know.

    My issue is with your statement that people with carry permits usually get away unscathed. This is just not true. Like in this situation, if you are charged with a felony or domestic abuse, you typically have to turn over your guns for safe keeping with someone else pending the outcome, permit or not.

    Misrepresenting this as an exception rather than the rule does you no favors.

  3. Aren't you concerned about how this man was able to obtain a driver's license, and whether or not they revoked it, and surely why we allow citizens to own military grade road machines? He threatened to destroy their car with a Ma Deuce (the truck, not the gun), but you're making it about guns.

  4. Shouldn't domestic violence charges include an act of violence in them?

  5. Aposhian exonerated of all charges. Ha, epic fail on this blogspot!
    His Ex wife soon to charged with making false statements on protective order.