Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pennsylvania Man Arrested at JFK Airport with Gun - He Didn't Forget He Had It

Bonehead busted with loaded gun at JFK checkpoint

New York Post

There’s still one man in America who doesn’t know that you can’t bring weapons onto airplanes.
A knucklehead from Pennsylvania found out the hard way that guns and air travel don’t mix when he walked up to a security checkpoint at JFK Wednesday and plunked a pistol down into the X-ray scanner tray as if it were his keys or wallet.
Shocked TSA agents’ jaws dropped when they saw Richard Forti, 55, casually flash the .32-caliber handgun.
He was immediately seized by Port Authority cops, who found another weapon on him — a pair of “cat eye” brass knuckles, which have two metal spikes on the top that look like cat ears.


  1. He believes he has a right, no matter what the law says. Typical thinking from the gun loons on this site.

  2. He obviously thinks he is a red state OU Football coach like Barry Switzer. Where GOP herd thing is a common practice.