Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Criminal States of America

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  1. An interesting interactive graphic. I'm not sure what kind of beer math they use to work their color code, but it is interesting to note that some states with liberal gun laws like Arizona are coded the same as states with repressive gun laws like California and New York.
    Also interesting is for example, New York ranks near the top having low rates of property crime, yet ranks lower than Alabama. Its a shame we cant bottle what they do in Vermont, which has constitutional carry, yet ranks near the top with very low violent crime and send it say to DC, which ranks near the bottom at pretty much everything except repressive gun laws.

  2. Is there a point you're trying to make here, Mikeb? Other than to say that it's good to live in Virginia, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont?

  3. Ok, Mike and POed Lib. Click on the murder button. Does that look correlated to gun laws/gun ownerhip to you?

    1. Interesting how D.C. ranks the worst in all categories but one.

    2. TS, the reason it doesn't in some cases is because gun availability is not the only factor in murder rates. Why do I have to keep repeating that? Why do you continually pretend to not get it?

      And actually for Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and a number of others, it does correlate.