Saturday, April 26, 2014

Robert Farago Reports that the Indianapolis NRA Convention Has Become the "Old Fat White Guy center of the universe"


NRA convention 2014 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


  1. Ah yes. Go from none attending, at least so far, to none allowed. Nice and honest...

    1. It's a fine line. I would say blacks are not welcome there - they know it. Why do you deny it?The NRA is racist from top to bottom. If you're truly untainted by even the slightest touch of that nasty business, why do you have to deny it exists elsewhere.

    2. The NRA defends gun rights for all good citizens. Nothing in that is about race.

    3. Fine line my ass. You would say that black aren't welcome at gun shows too, and yet I see them at every show I go to. We even had a black politician campaigning at one in East Tennessee last cycle--I'd finished looking around and hung out chatting for a bit, and the only people I saw being rude to her were a couple of neo-cons who didn't like a couple of her positions and a guy who might have fallen in the liberal camp, but looked more like a drug burned out person who seemed a little nuts.

      I've never been to an NRA convention, but I find it hard to believe that it would have a "no minorities welcome" vibe when I've never been to a gun show or a gun range and experienced that, even when bringing minority friends along.

      As for my supposed denial of the existence of racism, where have I denied it existed? I've mentioned that I know it exists in some small enclaves--e.g. Newport, TN--which I avoid.

      I haven't mentioned this before, but the closest to a racist group I've seen at a gun show is a Council of Conservative Citizens booth at one gun show in Knoxville--just saw them at the one and none that I went to afterward--either they didn't get a good response or they didn't have the manpower for a constant presence. I haven't mentioned them before because while their presence was a stain on the show, it didn't change the fact that shows in Knoxville are some of the most integrated I've ever seen--2 or 3 ethnically Chinese people running booths, an ethnically Japanese gunsmith running one advertising his service of restoring WWII antiques, lots of blacks and latinos attending, etc. The vibe of the show as a whole was that everyone was welcome--there was just the one little group in the back who didn't seem to have many people looking at their stuff, and none of the materials they brought gave any hint of their disgusting "racial integrity" plank in their platform which they seemed to be hiding.

      So no, Mike, I admit that it exists and where it exists, and I'm calling bullshit on your claims that gun shows and NRA meetings are places where minorities are not allowed.