Monday, April 21, 2014

Tennessee Turkey Hunter Shot by his Son-in-law - No Charges - Ruled an Accident

Local news reports

One man was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center Friday after being shot in a hunting accident in the Cedar Hill area.
Shortly after 2 p.m., a man was accidentally shot by his son-in-law in the woods near 3991 Glen Raven Road while turkey hunting, according to Ryan Martin, Robertson County Sheriff's Office spokesperson.
The man was taken to Vanderbilt by Life Flight helicopter. The shooting has been ruled accidental, according to Martin.
You know what't gonna happen, right. That idiot son-in-law will have other incidents of gun misuse.  He'll drop his gun, he'll forget there's a round in the chamber when cleaning the gun, he'll have a negligent discharge.  Eventually he'll hurt himself or another - again.  And chances are he won't be held accountable for his behavior even then.

That's what's wrong with the nonchalance with which we treat violations of the 4 Safety Rules. People who prove they're incapable of safely handling firearms should be stripped of the right to own them.


  1. When you're willing to adopt the whole of Jeff Cooper's firearms program, then I'll listen to your proposals about the Four Rules. Until then, you should reflect on the relationship of sons-in-law to their wives' fathers and realize that this will be taken care of.

  2. Here is a source with more information. I'm not in the know about how turkey hunting works. Can anyone enlighten me as to how easy it is to seemingly ignore rule four? For example, is it common to drive turkey like some do with deer?

  3. Sorry, forgot the source,