Saturday, May 3, 2014

You know you're a gun loon when...

You make death threats against someone who sells custom assault rifles and describes himself as on the “right-wing vanguard of gun rights”.

You probably even call him "anti-gun".


  1. Laci, will you acknowledge that the vast majority of gun owners and rights supporters never threaten any innocent person, or will you continue your desperate battle against strawmen?

  2. THIS guy received death threats but some of our commenters questioned whether Shannon Watts really needs body guards or not.

  3. Actually Mike, I questioned the coupling of the death threats with the suggestion that Watts must need security detail since there are a large number of people attending the NRA convention.
    Isn't this about the time a gun control advocate suggests that if someone feels that someplace is dangerous enough to justify carrying a gun, they shouldn't be going there? Couldn't the same suggestion be made with Ms. Watts. Even without the convention, Indiana boasts over 400,000 citizens with carry permits.
    I'm anxiously waiting to hear of the surge in gun violence in Indianapolis, since certainly the influx of those 70,000 some supposedly gun crazy people would undoubtedly result in such an increase.