Sunday, June 8, 2014

Georgia Sovereign Citizen Killed By Deputy while Trying to Take Over the Court House

Dennis Marx

Raw Story

Authorities shot and killed a sovereign citizen Friday morning outside a Georgia courthouse after he brought weapons and explosives in an attempt to take over the building.
Investigators said Dennis Marx arrived at the Forsyth County Administration Building with an assault rifle, bulletproof vest, smoke grenades, and a gas mask.
Marx also brought water and other supplies, ammunition, zip-tie restraints, and buckets of homemade explosives to the courthouse, said Sheriff Duane Piper.
“He came here with the purpose of occupying the courthouse,” Piper said.
He deployed stop sticks at the courthouse entrance to prevent other vehicles from driving closer and opened fire from his vehicle.
Marx was met outside the courthouse by a deputy – who distracted and then fatally shot him through the windshield of the man’s SUV.
The deputy, a 30-year veteran, was shot in the knee during the confrontation but was expected to recover.


  1. And this asshole probably had no trouble whatsoever buying any of this.

    1. I can't get over how the gun-rights fanatics who comment on gun blogs differentiate themselves from guys like this. When you add up all the lawful gun owners who are really unfit for one reason or another, you've got a lot of hidden criminals.