Thursday, June 12, 2014

In Massachusetts, Gun Owner Bully Disarmed by Police after Argument at Son's School

gun license

Local news reports

Police seized an Arlington elementary school parent's gun following an "unsettling interaction" where the parent showed the principal his gun license, officials said.
Police say Robert Goodwin, Jr., 41, of Ryder Street pulled out his gun license during an argument Wednesday with Stratton Elementary Principal Michael Hanna. Goodwin also referenced he had access to firearms, police told news partner Wicked Local.
Goodwin has not been charged with a crime, but police seized Goodwin’s gun license and an unspecified firearm from his apartment Friday morning, according to Arlington police Chief Fred Ryan. Goodwin has also been served an order to stay away from the elementary school, where his child is a student.


  1. Investigators say as a result, Robert Goodwin Jr., had his license to carry a firearm suspended and his 22 caliber Bolt Action rifle along with 300 rounds of ammunition seized.
    Goodwin refused to talk to FOX 25, but he did provide a two page typed statement, which is attached to this article. He says the principal has made several comments about his son drawing male body parts in the past but this time he said it was a stick figure shooting ping pong balls at a giant minion from the movie Despicable Me, which he says was recently shown at school. He then admits pulling out his license to carry a firearm and placed it on the table next to the drawing, however he claims he never made references or threats about having access to guns.

    A law enforcement source told FOX 25 that a video of Goodwin posted on YouTube was one of several factors used to determine his state of mind. In the video, Goodwin’s waving knives around and making anti-government remarks. Our source says he also runs a blog with numerous anti-government remarks.
    These factors, combined with the accusations led police to suspend his license and take his gun away.
    On Tuesday, police formally sought a criminal complaint in Cambridge District Court against Goodwin with a misdemeanor, making verbal threats to commit an assault.
    A probable cause hearing will be held next week.

    To quote Ricky Ricardo, "ay yi yi yi..."

    1. Do you mean the cops did the right thing or not?

  2. Another good guy with a gun?

  3. "The father accused of making verbal threats and showing his gun permit to his son’s principal in Arlington will not face charges. "

    "When questioned under oath, the principal told a clerk magistrate he did not feel threatened.
    The clerk denied a criminal complaint against Goodwin and the Arlington Police Chief said he would respect that decision and not press charges."

    I'm still not getting how showing a school official a gun permit would be a good idea. We also don't know if it was a carry permit or just a firearm owner ID.