Monday, June 9, 2014

Pennsylvania State Trooper Who Shot and Killed his Pregnant Wife Faces No Charges

Authorities won't file charges against a Pennsylvania state trooper who shot and killed his pregnant wife at their suburban Philadelphia home.

A three-month investigation found that Joseph Miller's gun went off as he tried to clean it at home in East Norriton.

The bullet struck his wife in the head. Both 34-year-old Joanna Miller and her 22-week-old fetus died.

The Montgomery County district attorney's office concluded the March 7 shooting was negligent but accidental.

Authorities said in a news release Friday that all evidence indicated the Millers were "a close-knit, loving family excited about the pending arrival of a new baby." They had four other children.

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  1. In many other kinds of accidents (work place, auto, etc.) that does not mean parties get off with no charges, no punishment, escape responsibility, or at least financial responsibility.