Sunday, June 8, 2014

Proper Gun Control

Proper Gun Control Laws (not exhaustive, a work in progress)

1. Licensing of all gun owners which would include a penal background check, a mental health background check, an eye exam, a written and practical test and approval by the local authorities (may-issue licensing).

2. Registration of all newly bought firearms which would need to be renewed after three months and yearly thereafter by presenting the paperwork and the weapon to the police.

3. Background checks on all purchases including private ones. This can be done at the local FFL dealer for a nominal fee.

4. Three day waiting period for all first purchases. (to be removed as unnecessary after rule 1)

5. "May Issue" policy for concealed carry permits managed federally - same rules in every state.

6. Assault Weapons Ban using the California model which would include restrictions on extended magazines.

7. Safe Storage of Firearms when not in use - guns must be kept in a gun safe.

8. All negligent discharges should be considered criminal.


  1. Since a gun right is a federal right (even if you disagree with the Supreme Courts decision on an individual right) all gun laws should be federal and followed by all States, the same.
    This is the fight for other non federal rights (like same sex marriage) to become federal rights and eliminate the State to State discrimination.
    It should not matter where someone lives to have a right to same sex marriage. It should not matter where someone lives to have a right to buy, use, and own a gun.
    Then laws should be even stricter than what you have listed and all gun crimes should be federal crimes with stiff sentences.
    Instead of just a mental health background check, there should be mental health evaluations. A permit to carry should be restricted to those who show a need. Based on probable cause possibly dangerous situation, like a vending machine guy who has to carry a lot of cash, or a private detective who might have to deal with bad guys, or a medical driver who hauls narcotics, and other situations that might pose one as a target.
    No limit on waiting periods. It takes as long as the detailed qualifying process takes. I doubt a mental health evaluation can be done in three days. Is three days enough for a good and complete check? The process should not be terminated and the buyer be sold the guy just because 3 days are over with.
    Insurance on guns.
    The FBI would be the department for all this to come under. They would be responsible for all checks, approvals, and tracking of guns. Job creating regulations and laws.
    This would all require a new gun bill to pass Congress, good luck with that. But if we are serious about stopping the gun carnage and the culture that permits that carnage, drastic changes are necessary, not just some new regulations.

    1. I think my suggestions amount to drastic changes. Your ideas about the mental health eval and the need to own would be covered in the may issue for gun licensing. About the three day waiting period, the clock wouldn't start until all the licensing requirements are met.

    2. Come on, Mike. I thought I made some progress with you on this idea of tacking on a waiting period at the end of an exhaustive and time consuming licensing process. This is what you said just two months ago:

      MikeB (4/8/14): “TS, you have a good point. My rule number 1 would make the waiting period unnecessary. I didn't understand what you meant before.”

    3. You know me. I just can't keep my story straight. I forgot about your very convincing argument about this.

  2. 9. Never will a logical reasonable person agree to this anti freedom anti American plan to usurp our natural rights.

    1. "Natural right" to what, own a particular inanimate object? That's a laugh.

    2. Natural right?
      I guess the founders missed writing the right about taking a shit, certainly more natural than owning an inanimate object.