Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Moe gun bans?

NRA board member, Tood Rathner. tweets:

Bloodancers?  What's that on your back, dipshit?

It seems that Rathner is prone to tweeting stupid shit.  And for all his bullshit, would make sure that the Nazis were well armed in the hope that he could be a hero like the people who rebelled in the Nazi Ghettos--not realising that he was only hastening his demise in a less dignified manner.

He is the type of Jew that felt "oh, that Mr. Hitler doesn't mean all the things he says about Jews", but instead of feeling that Jews have weathered anti-semitism before--he thinks he can out shoot them.

In this case, he is too dumb to see the reality of the situation because his judgement is clouded by his moronic ideology.  He is a different type of holocaust denier--he is the type who didn't properly learn the lessons of history.

The fact that Rathner can sit with Ted Nugent after Nugent's comments  and not want to kill him is more than enough proof that Rathner is a total fuckwit.

Then, Rahtner is dumb enough to spout racist horseshit seals my argument.

Dude, we don't disarm the moes--only the stooges! But, you need to worry since you seem to fall into the category of a "stooge". A really serious stooge, Rathner.

And you aren't even funny.

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  1. The NRA chooses great board members like this idiot and Ted Nugent. They are proud of their board members. They support their board member idiots and racists. People who support the NRA with their money are partly responsible.