Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ban guns

No. Not really.

In fact, this is really a test to see if people actually do read beyond the title of a blog post.  I wanted to find something that would set you off emotionally as a title; after all, people writing articles on contract law (or something else where an amendment is present) say something about a "Second Amendment" and the gun loons are all over them like flies on shit.

That's because most people (I'll admit to it as well sometimes) don't really read beyond the first few lines of a blog post.  This is to see if you can get beyond the title.

In fact, given what people say about what I write, I can tell you don't actually read my posts.  You definitely don't look at my sources.

Also, you people claim that "A well-regulated militia" has nothing to do with the rest of the Second Amendment, while it's actually the most important part of it since it announces the purpose.  IT EVEN SAYS IT'S NECESSARY!!! 

You would think a title has something to do with the post--wouldn't you?  Are you saying the first part of the Second Amendment was some sort of sick trick pulled by the founders?

Part of me is interested in what the comments to this will be, whether you will actually read this far and see this really has nothing to do with banning guns.

Or whether your emotions will overpower any intellect you possess and start saying things about  "banning guns": even though that really has nothing to do with this post.

It's really a test to see if you are actually paying attention more than anything else.

My guess is that you aren't, which explains a lot about our interactions.

In fact, you people are more than willing to make fools of yourself for me that it doesn't take too much prompting.


  1. You don't have much going on in your life, do you?

  2. Well regulated refers to training. A militia needs dudes who can shoot. The Bill of Rights does not recognize rights of governments, an absurd concept.

    1. Regulated means training?

  3. I read the article, it was pointless. I agree with Anonymous...

  4. Approval !?! Chicken....

  5. As I said, the comments would show that you did not get past the title.

    And if you did, you wouldn't get the point of this.

    Once again, thank you for proving me correct.

    I shouldn't fear that you will show any form of intellectual ability that would make it worth my time reading what you have to say.

    Again, it's not that I don't want to have a conversation, but one can't do that if the other person isn't willing to listen and make intelligent comments.

    You have more than proven you are incapable of doing that simple task.

    1. Short form:

      you people have no idea what just went on--do you?

  6. Short form: you tried to trick people, no one fell for it, therefore you win?

  7. Yup typical gun banner. So blatant you say it right in the title. Didn't even have to read the actual post.

  8. Whoa, who are you calling "you people?" Fuckin' racist.